Monday, January 10, 2011

school days revival

Alexa Chung looking fab as always

In high school, we had to write these persuasive essays on the ACT about whether or not schools should have uniforms. The purpose was to gauge our writing skills, so I didn't actually give the question a serious thought, but now... I don't think I actually would have minded if we did have school uniforms. I mean, just look at the English schoolgirl look Alexa Chung is channeling... The collar! The knee-length skirt! The pull-over! So! Much! Schoolgirl!

Alexa Chung for Madewell.. looking prim &proper&chic!
Now, before this turns into an Alexa Chung appreciation post (though it might as well be one), I'd like to say that even if school uniforms of the chic-est kind were to be employed in some public high schools, the amount of fashion disaster occurring there would still be the same. I mean, this is high school we're talking about - girls who think leggings + uggs = fashion. Or $40 Abercrombie shirts. See what I mean?

The original school girls that popularized the look

In the midst of this revival of "menswear womenswear" (see what I did there?), a nice middleground between is the territory of the schoolgirl - the blazers are still there, the button-ups are still there, but there's the added effeminate touch. This obviously doesn't mean all of us should start dressing like we are 16 and still in the "ohmygod!" and days of idle gossip (okay perhaps some of us are still guilty of such things), but I like this touch of nostalgia influence!

UO's DIY Decorative Collars

One thing I love best about this school girl revival is the more effeminate collar - how they've rounded it out or made it more decorative, to give it a cuter look. I love the decorative collar the best - it adds something interesting to the classic button-up. Click here if you want to make yourself a cool DIY decorative collar.

Rochas S/S 2011 and PFW Street Style Snap

So, go! re-live those days of carefree innocence!

Photo credits: Google Images for first three, UO Blog,, Refinery29

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