Sunday, January 23, 2011

milan favorites!

 One of the best jobs, ever. Seriously.

Soo, sorry that this is a late post, but I have to say, fashion weeks are super overwhelming. I still have like fifty shows' pictures to sift through for Paris... Needless to say, I'm still running behind. Also, this is the first time I've really nitty-gritty paid attention to menswear. Menswear is definitely a different creature - it is so so detail-oriented with the styling. Tough, but also helps train my eye for detail, haha...

Bottega Veneta F/W 2011

My favorite collection from Milan was Bottega Veneta, hands down. After sifting through hundreds of photos of the collections, this was one of the few that actually stuck out to me. Not sure why, but I felt like show after show, I was looking at the same thing over and over again - everybody had the same silhouette shape, everybody had the exaggerated proportions. Everybody had camel and standard fall colors. But Bottega Veneta had this great crumpled look that was closer-fitting on the models than the boxy look from the exaggerated proportions. It's relaxed, it's refined... And I love the velvet - although, a lot of shows had velvet.. It was like everybody rediscovered it at the same time. This is the male look to look forward to..

Jil Sander F/W 2011

Jil Sander, though, won me over with its great colors. I love, love, love the bright colors. It's great for uplifting any fall or winter, since inevitably everybody will be wearing the same camel, the same brown, the same black.. boring (even though I am guilty of such boring-ness in the winter). Also, I loved the tweed workings. But again, we see the exaggerated proportions... same old, same old.

Missoni, Roberto Cavalli, and Burberry Prorsum

Honorable mentions, though. Burberry, as usual, is a big outerwear collection. I love the oversized coats (soo London boy look) and I would love to have one for myself... although I'm not sure that is supposed to be the purpose of a menswear collection (eek). But I love the textures, the materials.. Cavalli was a really 70s look that was super retro and had great accessories. I loved the dusty color palette and I love the combination of bohemian-cowboy with the air of refinement and polished 3-piece suits. And Missoni... great print mixing and I like the African/tribal look.

P.S. Could you guess who's my favorite male model? Haha... no prize even if you guess correctly.

Photo Credits: Tumblr and The Fashionisto for all the runway looks

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