Saturday, January 8, 2011

indecision much?

 Chopsticks or... chopsticks?

I am an indecision wreck. It takes me at least thirty minutes every day before I go to bed, to decide on my outfit for tomorrow (granted that I wake up for classes or even decide to go out.. I feel like I've become more and more unsocial, a la college academics).. And shoe shopping is a complete disaster.

But it's good to know that I'm not alone! Designers seem to be suffering from it too..

Long v short or refined v... meditating swimmer?

Diaper pants and long dresses. It's like after last season, certain designers couldn't decide between going long or going short, so now we have both. Long and short. (To be fair, I think diaper pants or extremely-short-shorts-that-aren't-even-shorts-'cause-they're-swimwear can be tastefully pulled off. Not sure if I would jump onto that bandwagon right now, but it's possible.. maybe... Don't judge me.)

Clash of the prints v clash of the color schemes

On days where it's tough to decide between one print or another, or one color scheme or another, no worries, because.. you can just mash it all together! Although, I wish I had the skills to creatively mash together prints and colors stylistically (it really is an art), but upon further inspection of my wardrobe.. it's not very colorful. Nor very print-tastic. Needs further improvement (and wallet dents)..

Speaking of wallet dents (and other uncontrolled spending habits), I'm only just beginning to realize how much money I will (probably) indecisively spend for indecisive pieces... Great.

Photo credits: UO Holiday Catalog, Valentino S/S 2011 via NYMag,, Suno & Jil Sander S/S 2011 via NYMag

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  1. oh you don't want to know how much money ive spent the past 6 months.....hahaha