Wednesday, July 20, 2011

07.19.2011 wish/want/need

07.19.2011 wish/want/need
clockwise from top:  Miu Miu shirt, Equipment Sophie striped silk-chiffon shirt, Reiss oversize t-shirt, By Malene Birger Zellu high-waisted carrot leg trousers, Costume National shorts, twill shorts; center: Prada pumps

So whenever summer hits, and I'm talking about the heat, it's really easy to be lazy. I mean, who wants to go outside where it's 100 degrees when you can enjoy the cool breeze of AC blowing in your apartment? 100 degrees also makes it really hard to dress properly - not on the weekends, but I'm talking about weekdays, when I have to go to work, where the AC is notched up to a 50 degrees. I mean, how are you supposed to dress for a 50 degree difference? I have a pair of leggings I bring to work every day, to minimize the amount of changing possible, but it's still a total hassle.

And to account for all of that, I mean, I've got to look somewhat work appropriate, so all those sheer shirts I have say bye-bye during the weekday... And the more I look at my wardrobe the more I think, "god, I really have nothing to wear [in this goddamn blasting heat outside and still look work presentable]." Which is a dreadful feeling known to many and is known to cause shopping impulses, empty wallets, closets full of clothes that may or may not be wearable next season...

So of course the logical step is to make a wish/want/need-list. Stuff I really want, possibly need... but for a poor college student working this summer, I'll probably just make do with my closet, feeling lazy and uninspirational, and save some money at it...