Wednesday, January 12, 2011

pre-fall favorites

The world of fashion often confuses me by being two seasons ahead. So while I'm lamenting the freezing cold, somehow I'm still wishing it's Fall/Winter because I want to try out the F/W 2011 trends... It's a contradictory world, but I can deal with it.

Karl Lagerfeld and his teddy say, "Deal with it."

I'm aware that F/W 2011 shows are coming up, and I really wish I could go to NYFW, but I think I'll manage this year by watching the shows online. Even though it'd be really amazing if I could go one day... Something for the future, maybe. (Or, the truth is, I'm really just not cool enough. Insert crying face.) But before we get ahead of ourselves, there's already plenty to feast our eyes upon with the pre-fall collections...

Proenza Schouler Pre-Fall 2011

First, the PS boys bring us this amazing print-ful pre-fall collection. Even as a supposed minimalist myself, I find myself slowly gravitating towards the idea of print mixing (okay, I'll admit it, I'm easily persuaded). Whether or not I pull it off is another thing, but this printastic collection has me wanting to try (and, well, most likely breaking myself in the process). I really love that long dress that I have pictured in the middle - it's a really nice Bohemian look! Again, blowing my expectations away. But these are the geniuses who brought us the PS1, so...

3.1 Phillip Lim Pre-Fall 2011

Next, the 3.1 Phillip Lim pre-fall collection. This was a collection that catered more towards my minimalism-leaning tastes (but, let's be honest, my tastes change pretty much season to season anyway so...) Lots of neutrals shades, earth tones, etc. I like how it's put together on the left. Oh, and the cape-jacket-blazer thing, you know, where you don't actually wear your blazer or your jacket, and instead leave it hanging off your shoulders, leaving open sleeves. Something we saw street-style do at the S/S 2011 shows. I've done it.. it leaves sore shoulders the next day if you have a heavy jacket. Rather painful (but I'd still do it, because it looks cool!.. story of my life).

Helmut Lang Pre-Fall 2011

Next! The Helmut Lang pre-fall collection! It was very utilitarian and I liked how they experimented with lengths (length indecision for the win!). Also, this collection spoke very "fall" to me with its earth tones, the suede, the boots, everything. Made me want to go trekking in forest trails and step on fallen leaves, you know.

rag & bone Pre-Fall 2011

Second-favorite pre-fall collection. I love the asymmetries. The experimenting with no sheer then, surprise!, sheer! But, to be honest, this collection spoke more summer to me than fall - but then again, I think in fall we'll be wishing for summer again, so why bother anyway. Because, in reality, in fall I'll still be wearing summer clothes. rag & bone can read my mind too well.

Chanel Pre-Fall 2011

Automatic favorite. Chanel pre-fall hit me spot-on. The theme of the show itself was a sort of Byzantine influence already, but the elegance and aristocratic feel it gave off was overwhelming. Part of this may be due to my deep-seated liking for things that are "royal" or "aristocratic." Blame it on Disney princesses or whatnot, but my favorite color is still purple, no, royal purple. Anyway, the gold + charcoal thing really, really worked for me. Karl Lagerfeld = forever genius. Enough said.

Photo Credits: Google Images for the Karl Lagerfeld picture, and for the rest

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