Saturday, January 15, 2011

my wardrobe essentials (part 1)

A girl's favorite button-up

If there's one thing that can't be missing from my wardrobe, it's a nice button-up. And usually more than one, for multiple purposes. It's a great classic addition and adds the perfect touch of sophistication or elegance to any outfit. I love its versatility - you can pair them with even short shorts and still look (somewhat) refined.

How to look like a... boy?

You can also steal one from your boyfriend (or if you don't have one, your dad works too), and go for the tomboy look! I wasn't a big tomboy person, but I think androgyny has really grown on me. And it doesn't help that some of the coolest girls are self-proclaimed tomboys, i.e. Agyness Deyn, Alexa Chung.. I really like the mens button-ups because they're larger and fit looser, which adds more to the careless vibe, since we all know finding clothes that fit us are seasons behind. C'est tres cool!

Layering essentials, or playing peek-a-boo in the winter

It's also great for layering! Especially in the winter, just add a pullover or that to-die-for Stella McCartney dress on the left (sidenote: I also really love that Chanel purse in that orange-yellow shade). Having even just the collar stick out adds a nice detail to your outfit!

Loose-fitting v starched, two different looks

I have two (actually more like three) white button-ups in my closet right now. But one is a softer material that allows me to achieve the loose-fitting look, and I like how it creates a nice feminine silhouette since it sticks closer to my body. On the other hand, the starched, stiffer button-up is nice to create a more professional look. Or a boxier, more geometric look.

Variations on a theme

Of course, if you get bored of the ordinary white button-up, there are plenty of ways to change it up. Finding great patterned blouses is tough, though. And I really love that lacy, sheer button-up. I need to get myself one of those (totally regretting not getting something similar at H&M the other day).....

Photo Credits: Vanessa Jackman, The Sartorialist, Hanneli Mustaparta (x2), Vanessa Jackman (x2), Hanneli Mustaparta (x2), The Sartorialist (x2)

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