Friday, April 22, 2011

like fine wine

Weather, when can I pull out the maxis??

While the weather is still in limbo, I can't wait until it's actual spring weather so I can pull out the spring/summer stuff I've been wanting to wear all winter. I just want to go around wearing a maxi skirt, run around in a field, not have to wear winter coats and just have some sunshine...

Who am I kidding, I still want to run around in short shorts!!

It's really interesting how we acquire our tastes and how these tastes and preferences eventually evolve and mature into our personal style. Last spring/summer, I wanted to wear short shorts all day every day, and now I've made a fast break for the long dresses, hah! Also shows how easily I succumb to trends...

The Sartorial man who is painfully missing in my life... love the collar!

A few days ago one of my friends told me he bought the Esquire handbook for dressing or something like that. I told him to read The Sartorialist more often. I think it's hard to define a style for oneself. And while I appreciate that he is caring more about his appearances via some Esquire handbook, in the end, true style points come from how you define what you wear: you wear the clothes, the clothes don't wear you.

I can always recognize Emmanuelle Alt, too

I think it's skill to be recognizable by first glance on the street - Anna Dello Russo, anyone? It says a lot about how you've incorporated style into yourself.

To some (a lot) people, all this that I'm talking about sounds like rubbish. Clothes will be clothes, pieces of cloth at most. But clothes are a huge contributor to your outward appearance. What you wear, how you wear what it is, whether you like it or not, makes you. And these outward appearances make the biggest difference in terms of first impressions. This is why you will wear the suit to the interview and not the pajamas - you want to appear proper and reliable for your job.

I find myself inexplicably attracted to the current more western/Cali trend going on...

But who am I to speak? I have barely found my true style niche. At this stage I'm still flitting between trends... Style, personal taste, these are all things that take time to mature... like fine wine.

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