Saturday, March 26, 2011

to bob or not to bob?

Arizona Muse: owner of THE most amazing bob...

As a Danish prince knows, that is the question. But before I get ahead of myself, are you guys noticing the revamp? I like that the design is cleaner than before. I had to get rid of the cool background image because I couldn't get it to be static... what? Okay fine I'm incompetent aka lazy so now you guys get a simpler design. And for those of you who use bloglovin, the link is on the side!

Appealing to my nerd sensitivities.....

And speaking of revamping, now that it is spring (even if the weather would like to protest otherwise), I'm feeling for a haircut, a la welcoming the new spring with the end of winter. I need a haircut anyway - before the split ends start creeping in. The question is whether or not I'm willing to try something new this time... One of my new favorite models, Arizona Muse, has probably one of the coolest bobs ever. So much so it's tempted me to possibly consider getting a similar haircut. But my hair is stick straight (typical Asian hair), which would require me to perm my hair... I've had stick straight, long-ish hair all of my life it's so hard for me to picture myself in any other hair. I love how Muse's hair is so naturally wavy in all the right spots to give the bob a more refreshing, young feel (and NOT Anna Wintour bob-y)...

Maybe the question should be, "Do you want to look cool or not?"

So should I? To bob or not to bob (Arizona Muse style, of course), that is the question... ugh she looks so cool with that haircut!!!!

Photo Credits: Arizona Muse for Dazed & Confused; Arizona Muse for Madewell (x2)

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