Saturday, August 20, 2011

denims & cowgirls

Despite the heat, somehow I am still craving for this...

As usual, this is another case of me falling prone to trends. Trust me, the denim revitalization has not fallen on (my) deaf ears. But it makes sense, as I've been lately more into the sort of stiffer silhouettes, and denim, being a stiffer fabric, is only a logical next step.

It's been a slow process. I think I've always been somewhat prejudiced towards denims. It's reminded me of my not so glorious days, so I associate denims with something inherently careless and unfashionable. Honestly, currently, I have zero pairs of denim jeans in my wardrobe. I have been looking for a nice pair of skinny jeans, but I guess my proportions are just messed up and I haven't found any that are satisfactory. Or I probably need to lose weight. Or both. Anyway, it was ingrained into my head that somehow denim was associated with all that was unfashionable. But slowly, it has changed for me.

Adding a touch of boyishness to the menswear inspiration these days

I know I'm behind, but I still want that denim button-up and denim vest/jacket. And the wish list grows ever longer... But denim can add so many different "flavors" to your outfit. On one hand, it can add a touch of boyishness, going along with the menswear inspiration these days. On the other hand, with a dash of heavy eye make-up, it gives off a stronger, punk feel to your outfit. Or, take tips from Christine Centenera, and use denim for layering effects. After all, denim just adds another layer of versatility to your wardrobe, no?

Christine Centenera & her amazing style, as usual

Credits: Tumblr, Garance Dore x2

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