Saturday, June 25, 2011

summer spring!

First of all, apologies for this unannounced loooong hiatus of mine yet again. Finals came up, the end of the school semester was hectic, then I went home and basically went into lazy vacation mode, which apparently I still haven't gotten out of even though I've come back for work. But, considering the insane amount of things that need to get done during the summer, I'm hoping to get back to business, do some studying for the GREs, get myself into the gym, and do some blogging!

So even though it's almost July, the weather here has been spectacular! And by spectacular, no, I do not mean real summer weather. I'm talking about spring weather, which is my idea of spectacular - mid 70s, high 60s, sunshine here and there, I'm willing to put up with rain as long as it's cool like this. Which means, not so fast with the short shorts and the tank tops, I can still wear clothes meant for this great weather range... Which also means yay for the bright, eye-popping colors and the floral prints. Time to celebrate when it's still not too hot outside...

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